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Catalogue No. : LC-TOM-105

The experimental lab set up comprises of a stainless steel disc erected on a

Product Description

The experimental lab set up comprises of a stainless steel disc erected on a horizontal shaft which is rotated by a variable speed motor. The rotor shaft is connected to a motor placed on a trunnion frame having bearings in a yoke frame, which independently rotate on vertical axis. A weight pan is placed on the other side of disc the purpose of which is to balance the weight of motor. Rotor disc is placed in such a manner that it can move about three axis. Torque is calculated by measuring the weight and distance of weight from the center of rotor.  This is how gyroscopic couple can be measured.


  • Experimental justification of the equation for calculating the gyroscopic couple by observation  and  measurement  of  results  for   independent  vibrations  in  applied  couple  T  and precession.
  • Study the gyroscopic effect of a rotating disc.


Disc Material: Stainless Steel, Dia 300 mm, Thickness: 10 mm  (approx.) precisely balanced which can be rotated in 3 mutually perpendicular axis.

Drive   :           Variable speed FHP motor with speed controlling unit

Weights           :           2 kg, 1 kg, 500 gms.

Stop Watch     :           Digital

Control Panel Features:

RPM measurement is done by digital RPM indicator with proximity sensor

Other Instruments on the panel are Variac, Standard make on-off switch, mains indicator & fuse etc.

Perfectly marked scale & pointer are provided to measure the precession rate.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up



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