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Catalogue No. : LC-TOM-103

This lab experimentation set up is designed to study the characteristics of w

Product Description

This lab experimentation set up is designed to study the characteristics of whirling of shafts. The lab set-up consists of a sturdy frame, bearing holders, variable speed motor etc. to drive the shaft along with speed control unit. Different bearing can be mounted in the bearing block to have different experimental conditions i.e. (i) both end fixed, (ii) one end free and one end fixed etc. As the test is destructive, hence the shaft can’t be used again.


Display of various modes of whirl for a shaft with:

a)            Both ends directionally fixed.

b)            One ends fixed and other free

c)            Both ends directionally free.

Modes of vibrations can be studied and frequency can be measured in each case.


Test Shafts                         

Length                  : 1000 mm each.

Diameter             : 3.2, 4.8 & 6.4 mm (approx.)

Quantity              : Two each.

Drive                     : FHP motor, 5000 RPM with speed controlling unit.

Control Panel Features:

RPM measurement: Digital RPM indicator with proximity sensor (non contact type) Variac, Standard make on-off switch, mains indicator & fuse etc.

Kinematic coupling bearing for fixed or free ends without restraint.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up



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