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Catalogue No. : LC-RAC-110

The basic conceptualization of a heat pump can be understood as a machine or

Product Description

The basic conceptualization of a heat pump can be understood as a machine or device that delivers heat from one area which is at a lower temperature to another are which is at a higher temperature by using mechanical work or a high-temperature heat source. Thus a heat pump may be transformed as a "heater" if the motive is to warm the heat sink, or as a "refrigerator" if the motive is to cool the heat source. Hence heat pumps make a valuable contribution to energy conservation by utilizing the self generated energy to the fullest because in either case, the operating principles are identical. Heat is moved from a cold place to a warm place or vice-versa. Heat pumps operate on the vapour compression cycle using a refrigerant as the working fluid as a medium to transfer heat.


  • Determination of co-efficient of performance of the unit when working as water-to-air heat pump.
  • To Construction of Energy balances for completed system over a range of operating conditions. To determine overall heat transfer co-efficient for condenser and evaporator.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:                         

Compressor     : Hermitically sealed compressor, reciprocating type. Capacity 1/3 Ton.

Refrigerant     : R-134A

Condenser       : Water cooled type shell and coil condenser with refrigerant inside the tube.

Evaporator      : Air cooled Compatible capacity.

Water  Flow Measurement :   By Rotameter

Air Flow measurement           : By Velocity sensor

Expansion Valve          : Capillary Tube, Compatible Capacity.

Pressure Gauges         : 2 Nos. (For suction & discharge pressure)

Safety Control             : Overload and over current protectors for compressor and Time delay circuit with Low/high voltage auto-cut.

Temperature Sensor   : RTD PT-100 Type.

Control Panel Features:

Digital Voltmeter        :           0-500 V

Digital Ammeter         :           0-19.99 Amp.

Temperature Measurement:  Digital Temperature Indicator with multi-channel switch.

With Standard On-off switch, mains indicator etc.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up. 


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