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Catalogue No. : LC-RAC-108

The basic conceptualization of a heat pump can be understood as a machine or

Product Description

The basic conceptualization of a heat pump can be understood as a machine or device that delivers heat from one area which is at a lower temperature to another are which is at a higher temperature by using mechanical work or a high-temperature heat source. Thus a heat pump may be transformed as a "heater" if the motive is to warm the heat sink, or as a "refrigerator" if the motive is to cool the heat source. Hence heat pumps make a valuable contribution to energy conservation by utilizing the self generated energy to the fullest because in either case, the operating principles are identical. Heat is moved from a cold place to a warm place or vice-versa. Heat pumps operate on the vapour compression cycle using a refrigerant as the working fluid as a medium to transfer heat. Heat pump is fully sealed R-134A refrigerant system using water-to-water pumping principle. The trainer setup is designed to provide real-time operational behavior and is specially drafted to a low thermal inertia so that equipment stabilizes quickly and which gives the students a window for maximum experimentation.


The latest lab set-up is designed with an inbuilt feature to interface the heat pump system with computer which enables to log the experimental data using computer. The real time data acquisition is be done by interfacing the set-up with computer using specially designed software. This software allows the user to have complete access to data logging and printing the stored data. An additional feature incorporated in the software allows the spread sheets to be prepared in Excel also for convenience of handling the data.


  • Determination of co-efficient of performance of the unit when working as water-to-water heat pump.
  • To Construction of Energy balances for completed system over a range of operating conditions.
  • To determine overall heat transfer co-efficient for condenser and evaporator.


Compressor     : Hermitically sealed compressor, reciprocating type, capacity 1/3 Ton.

Condenser       : Water cooled type shell and coil condenser with refrigerant inside the tube, Made of stainless steel

Evaporator      : Water cooled type shell and coil evaporator, Made of stainless steel

Expansion Valve          : Capillary Tube, Compatible Capacity.

Pressure Measurement          : By Pressure Transmitter- 02 Nos. Water Flow measurement                                                         : By Flows sensor- 02 Nos.

Temperature Measurement: By Temperature Transmitter- 07 Nos.

Safety Control : Overload and over current protectors for compressor and Time delay circuit with Low/high voltage auto-cut.

Control Panel Features:

Power measurement  : By energy meter

With Standard make On-off switch, mains indicator etc.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up.



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