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Catalogue No. : LCRAC-107

This lab demonstration trainer helps the students to study the basic principl

Product Description

This lab demonstration trainer helps the students to study the basic principles of ice plant cycle. We have designed this test rig keeping in mind the elaborate study of thermodynamics of vapour compression refrigeration cycle by experimentation method. It is a complete packaged solution to measure various parameters of thermodynamics by experimentation. Ice cans are kept in liquid tank, which is cooled by the refrigerant evaporator as in any ice plant. The conventional ice plants take a lot of time approximately 12-24 hours to complete the cycle. Although this ice plant which has been specially designed to demonstrate the same process of ice formation within a period of just 4 hours because of time limitations in lab operations and hence it is most suitable for laboratory use.


  • To study the working of Ice Plant. To Study the refrigerator circuit.
  • To Calculate Co-efficient of performance.


Compressor     :           Hermitically sealed compressor, reciprocating type. Emerson Copeland make.

Refrigerant     :           R-134A

Condenser       :           Air cooled compatible to compressor

Condenser Cooling Fan           :           Compatible capacity with permanent lubricated motor.

Evaporator      :           Brine tank, made of Stainless Steel, Insulated with ceramic wool/P.U.F.

Agitator           :           Compatible capacity, for mixing of solution in evaporator

Expansion Device        :           Capillary Tube, Compatible capacity.

Pressure Gauges         :           2 Nos. (For suction & discharge pressure)

Safety Control :           Overload and over current protectors for compressor and

                                    Time delay circuit, Low/high voltage auto-cut.

Temperature Sensor   :           RTD PT-100 Type.

Control Panel Features:

Digital Voltmeter        :           0-500 V

Digital Ammeter         :           0-19.99 Amp.

Temperature Measurement : Digital Temperature Indicator with multi-channel switch.

With mains indicator, Standard make On-off switch etc.

All Other accessories like Hand shut off valves, filter drier, Thermostat (Danfoss make) & Ice tray (made of Stainless steel) will be provided.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up.



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