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Humidification & Dehumidification System

Catalogue No. : LCRAC-102B

The Air Conditioning Test Rig unit by lab cart is designed to conduct experim

Product Description

The Air Conditioning Test Rig unit by lab cart is designed to conduct experiments and briefly demonstrate the process of cooling of atmospheric air. The demonstration setup is fully loaded with all instruments so that temperature, pressure and all critical characteristics can be measured at different points in the air conditioning system.

As this set up is specifically designed for Humidification & Dehumidification System here we also provide the facility to conduct the experiment of heating of air, humidification.


  • To study the Vapour Compression air conditioning cycle.
  • To Calculate Co-efficient of performance (C.O.P).
  • To carry out heating process of fresh air
  • To measure dry bulb, wet bulb temperature of inlet and outlet air. To study the humidification & dehumidification of air.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:                         

Compressor                 : Hermitically sealed compressor. Reciprocating type.Capacity 1 Ton, Emerson Copeland make.

Condenser                   : Air cooled compatible to compressor

Condenser Cooling Fan: Compatible capacity with permanent lubricated motor.

Pressure Gauges         : 2 Nos. (For suction & discharge pressure)

Evaporator                  : Made of copper tube and aluminum fins fitted with compatible capacity fan.

Heater                         : Compatible capacity for dehumidification.

Steam Generator        : Made of Stainless Steel provided with Pressure Gauge &

                                    Level  Indicator ,  Safety  valve  and  drain  etc.  &  insulated  with

                                    ceramic   wool   and   cladding   with   Aluminium   foil   for humidification.

Sling Psychrometer     : For dry bulb and wet bulb temperature measurement.

Safety Control             : Over load and over current protection for Compressor with

                                    Time delay circuit & Low/high voltage auto-cut.

Expansion Device        : Capillary Tube compatible capacity.

Temperature Sensor   : RTD PT-100 Type.

Temperature Measurement : Digital Temperature Indicator with multi-channel switch.

Control Panel Features:

Digital Voltmeter        :           0-500 V

Digital Ammeter         :           0-19.99Amp.

Temperature controller          :           PID Controller, (0-199.9ºC) for steam generator

Temperature Measurement:  Digital Temperature Indicator with multi-channel switch.

With mains indicator, Standard make On-off switch etc.

All Other accessories like Hand shut off valves, filter drier and Thermostat (Danfoss make) will be provided.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up. 


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