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Catalogue No. : LCFM-120

The forced vortex experimental set up is an arrangement of a circular transpa

Product Description

The forced vortex experimental set up is an arrangement of a circular transparent cylindrical tank in which a plate is rotated with the help of a variable speed motor so that as a result the cylinder attached to the plate rotates on its vertical axis with the help of a V belt and hence forced vortex is formed. An upper probe is placed in a transverse horizontally & vertically across full diameter of the vessel so that water surface profile can be measured. Both axis contain graduations so that exact position of the probe can be recorded. This experimental procedure involves measurement of the resulting free surface that is calculated by the variation of the sum of the pressure head and datum head. A drain pipe is provided to drain the vessel when not in use.


To plot the surface profile of a forced vortex by measurement of the surface profile coordinates.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:                         

Cylinder           :           Material Acrylic. Dia. 200 mm (approx.)

Height :           200 mm (approx.)

Motor  :           Variable Speed, DC Motor, Compatible capacity.

Control Panel Features:

Speed Control Unit, Standard make On/Off Switch, Mains Indicator etc.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up. 


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