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Catalogue No. : ACE-016

Primarily a glass column is used to study the hydrodynamics. The set-up has a

Product Description

Primarily a glass column is used to study the hydrodynamics. The set-up has a provision for changing the glass column conveniently and filling it with any type of packing required to perform the experiment. Air from a regulated pressure vessel is allowed to pass through a sparger and enabling it to enter in the column at the top. Liquid is fed from a tank made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion, fitted with a pump and evenly distributed at the top of a column using a spray nozzle. Complete set-up is provided with all the manometers required to perform the experiments. Solenoid valves are provided in the feed line at the top of column for instant release and close. Needle valves are provided on respective Rota-meter so that the flow rate can be adjusted by operating them.

Scope of study:

     To determine Hydrodynamics of a Trickle Bed Reactor involving the measurement of pressure drop, hold-up & flow regime.

TECHNICAL DETAILS:                      

Packed Bed                         :               Material Borosilicate Glass Dia. 80mm, Height 600mm

Packings                               :               Glass Beads Dia. 3mm/Rasching Rings, size 8-10mm

Flow measurement         :               By Rotameter-2Nos. (One each for water and air).

Liquid Feed Tank              :               Material Stainless Steel, Capacity 60 Ltrs. (Approx.)

Feed Circulation                :               Centrifugal Pump, FHP Crompton/Standard make.

Air Tank                                :               Compatible Capacity.

Pressure Regulator (2 Nos.):        Operating range 0-2 kg/cm2 and 0-10 kg/cm2

Pressure Gauge                 :               Bourdon Type.

Mixing Chamber               :               Material Stainless Steel, Compatible Capacity (For Air & Water).

Liquid Catch Pot               :               Material Stainless Steel, Compatible Capacity.

Solenoid Valve                  :               2Nos. (One each at Liquid and air inlet).

Manometers                     :               Compatible capacity.

Piping                                    :               Material Stainless Steel and PVC/PU pipe

Control Valves                   :               Material Gun Metal/Brass


Components mounted on the control panel are:

Standard make on off switch, Mains Indicator etc.

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up.



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