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Fully Loaded Microwave Test Bench Trainer

Catalogue No. : AL-EM-1004

Scope of Learning:


  • Study of mode ch

Product Description

Scope of Learning:


  • Study of mode characteristics of reflex Klystron 
  • Measurement of Guide Wavelength & frequency of signal in a rectangular waveguide using slotted line carriage in a microwave test bench.
  • Determination of mode number, transit time and electronic tuning sensitivity.
  • Study of Gunn oscillator
  • Frequency, Guide wavelength Measurement
  • VSWR, Reflection Co-efficient Measurement
  • Measurement of Impedance of an unknown load connected to output end of the slotted line carriage in the test bench            
  • Study of Waveguide Antennas & their Radiation Pattern
  • Determination of  beam width & measurement of Gain of Antennas
  • Dielectric constant Measurement of  Solid
  • Dielectric constant Measurement of Liquid
  • Phase Shift  Measurement
  • Study of  Multy hole directional coupler; E, H & Magic Tee; Isolator  & Circulator; Attenuators          
  • Determination of their electrical  parameters 

A Fully Loaded Microwave Test Bench consists of the following components:                                           

S. No.    Components & Instruments                       

  • Klystron Mount                
  • Klystron Tube   
  • Gunn Oscillator
  • Gunn Power Supply       
  • Isolator                
  • Frequency Meter            
  • Variable Attenuator       
  • Slotted  Section
  • Tunable Probe                  
  • Detector Mount                              
  • Movable Short                 
  • S.S Tuner                            
  • Matched termination
  • Pick up horn


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