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Gunndiode Microwave Test Bench

Catalogue No. : AL-EM-1002

Scope of Learning:

1. Study of Gunn oscillator

2. Frequen

Product Description

Scope of Learning:

1. Study of Gunn oscillator

2. Frequency, Guide wavelength Measurement

3. VSWR, Reflection Co-efficient Measurement

4. Measurement of Impedance of an unknown load connected to output end of the slotted line carriage in the test bench            

A Gunn Oscillator Based Microwave Test Bench consists of the following components:                                           

S. No.    COMPONENT & INSTRUMENTS                 

  1. Gunn Oscillator                        
  2. PIN Modulator                         
  3. Isolator        
  4. Frequency Meter    
  5. Variable Attenuator
  6. Slotted  Section        
  7. Tunable Probe                          
  8. Detector Mount                      
  9. Movable Short                         
  10. Matched termination            
  11. S. S. Tuner                  
  12. Waveguide stand                    
  13. VSWR Meter                             
  14. Gunn Power Supply
  15. Cooling Fan with stand
  16. BNC Cable  
  17. Fixed Short                



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