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Skills for growth

Today industries around the world are facing huge challenges with dynamic business envioronment which is rapidly changing and growing beyond our imagination. Information technology companies are creating new markets which are only excessible to those who enter with the latest and updated skillset, hence these are creating new job opportunities. The nature of work is chnaging and as a result large number of technology related jobs are hard to fill in absence of right skill set.   These days data science and cloud computing have reshaped the fundamentals of doing business from manufacturing sector to agriculture setcor. Hence an all new approach is required towards education and technical training which leads to employability.

Tremendous growth potential is being reflected from Indian economy today because of which enterpreneurship has grown manifolds. But the major cause of concern is the big skill gap which can prove to be fatal for successive and sustainable growth. All major business leaders have agreed in one voice that improved qualty technical education and related skills can bolster productivity and sustainable growth throught the economy.

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