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Career and Technology Education

The majority of today’s workforce requirement are for certified, skilled workers who are trained on a diverse range of technologies relevant to their fields. Our wide range of Career and Technology Education (CTE) and technical training equipment provide simulation of real-time breakdoewn situations for uncompromised student learning.

Today the electric infrastructure constitues of a complex system where power generation, transmission systems, and distribution systems are alocated different tasks for a uniform operation. The important components of this system are Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

Our electrical motor training systems and accompanying courseware cover a wide variety of concepts which imbibe basic principles to give our future engineers a comprehensive understanding of technical and engineering processes.

Although there were so many developments and research in electrical engineering was being done in the eighteenth century, the study of electricity was not recognized as a separate field of engineering. In the late eighteenth century electrical engineering was introduced as a separate branch of engineering with the creation of distribution network, electricity consumers. Even today when electricity reaches the consumer, it is utilized for operating different equipment run by electric power. Electrical engineering is also involved in developing such industrial and domestic equipment at the consumer end.

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We have implemented numerous turnkey TVET technical and vocational education training setups.